Who is CBD for?

Anyone can use CBD Oil providing that they are responsible and seek medical advice if they are taking any other medication.

You may have heard about CBD or Hemp Oil as a possible supplement. Maybe your friend or family member has spoken about it, or your doctor may have even suggested it either way, there are many questions that we all ask about this new natural substance.

Should I try CBD? Will it even work for me? What is life like with CBD? 

Life using SOLO CBD by Reverend Les Bishop also a postmaster from Bolton, UK

I’m Les Bishop a former Reverend and a man of the cloth, I’m now a happy postmaster but still practice religion and give advice to those seeking solace. I would say I have a hectic life from helping people to running a post office.

I don’t like talking about myself but thought that I must say something about how SOLO has helped me with my condition which is called spondyloarthropathy, which is basically a word for “something inflammatory that affects multiple parts of the body”.  So what does that mean for me?  It means that for months I’ve dealt with chronic pain. My joints are painful, which makes simple things we take for granted hard, like walking or lifting a box to simply getting up to make a cuppa.

I suffer from IBS also known an irritable bowel syndrome, you wouldn’t believe the noise that comes from my stomach, I asked my wife to listen to the strange noises my stomach makes when I breath in and out it’s like a dog with a ball stuck in its throat.  Now, you might be thinking that will never be me or actually one day that could be me or actually that only happens to old people, well I am over 50  but when you have taken over 100 different types of medication to help and nothing really worked I started asking myself the reasons to live and wondered what’s the point of life, anyway I started going to the gym and I felt good but that’s only because I used the steam room and Jacuzzi yes I know I cheated myself but that’s where I met likeminded people who funnily enough experiencing similar symptoms which made me feel a lot better about myself.  My new gym friend or Jacuzzi friend suggested I try CBD oil to manage my pain. I was skeptical at first but after a lot of research, I decided to try a balm so that it would only absorb in specific areas where it was needed.  I thought I would NEVER find an effective pain relief.  SOLO CBD changed that.  Now, the second I feel a flare coming on, I pull out my SOLO CBD balm and I apply it to my ankles, hands, wrists and knees. Within minutes, I feel the pain just go from a high 90% to a acceptable 10% which actually allowed me to walk at pace on the tred machine, I mean I couldn’t run but I felt amazing and from not being able to walk far SOLO CBD has helped me focus on what’s important which is my mind body and soul, which for me is priceless.



It is legal and you cannot get high from it. But pain relief isn’t the only thing CBD can help with. I know several people who suffer from chronic illnesses who take CBD capsules and the Oil on a daily basis and they tell me that the natural properties makes them feel amazing just like when the Sun hits your face giving you Vitamin D, it’s something you can’t explain but when a magical phenomenon just like the natural heat and magical rays fix the body mind and soul CBD is something they said had changed their lives. They use it for everything, including anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, PTSD, mental rehabilitation and chronic pain.

To be quite frank CBD may not be for everyone and some people give up after two weeks because they think it’s an instant remedy but it does take time for your body and mind to get used to it. But, I can honestly say that SOLO CBD has been a life changer for me and I can’t recommend them enough, which says a lot since I’m a massive skeptic when it comes to supplements and things you hear on TV about witch doctors and magical potions and natural powders that magically work. 

Im so happy and pleased I found a different way in life and because of CBD, I can take back my life and look after my wellbeing and take full control of my health. I genuinely hope you’ll at least try SOLO CBD and perhaps you will be so amazed that you will be writing the next article. I did this article for free because SOLO CBD really helped me

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