Will Using CBD Oil Help An Aggressive Dog?

Man’s furry best friend is important to many people, maybe even to those who don’t want them or own them. A family can really love a friendly dog. However, a dog that is aggressive is not only frustrating to the owner but also a nuisance to other people around. Aggressive dogs are no longer friends, and this can be devastating and a bad thing for the dog. You will never like it having a dog that snarls or snaps at you, people or other animals. Think about your dog, which you trust around your children. 

What if an innocent game with the dog suddenly transforms into something violent and injury occurs to you, your child or even the dog? You most certainly will never like this happening to your dog. Veterinarians offer a range of solutions, including medication for aggressive dogs. On the solution for treating aggression in dogs, Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from the marijuana plant has been associated with helping with aggressive dogs. The cannabinoid has a range of health benefits, proven and other purported with promises of offering more. Currently, the topic of CBD aiding in aggressive dogs is popular, and experts are explaining how this is possible.

Usually, in treatment of certain conditions or behaviours in both people and animals, specialists look at the root cause. For instance, aggression in dogs is attributed mostly to anxiety, fear, and other behaviours and issues. In the market, there are CBD oil tinctures, CBD dog treats, and even CBD capsules and pills which help reduce anxiety, and in turn aggression in dogs.


What Do Experts Say About Dogs And CBD Oil?

Experts explain that veterinarians need to reduce stress in aggressive dogs, which can help a lot. CBD has been found to be ideal for a dog with stress, anxiety and other behavioural problems. It is never a good thing to have your dog demonstrate owner related aggression. This is the opposite of how a dog should behave. In training of the dogs, specialists may use CBD treats which in the long run is a replacement of dog anxiety meds with side effects.

Just like in humans, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), influencing receptors in the dog’s body. This helps maintain stability enabling the dog to experience wellness that helps it to have a stable behaviour. Through this, CBD is reported to help a lot with a range of issues from anxiety to inflammation. Experts believe since the ECS acts as a bridge between the body and mind, a better working ECS will help the dog to remain calm even when the world seems hectic to it. 

This is where CBD oil helps by enhancing the activity of the receptors in the ECS. So CBD helps a dog to manage its responses to the world around it. Such a dog has its brain activity mitigating aggressive behaviour. In simple terms, CBD helps to regulate emotion and mood of the dog. By influencing the ECS, CBD can help calm a dog with anxiety and stress. CBD can boost your dog’s mood, which in the long run, is a remedy for aggressive behaviour. There’s a lot of contribution of CBD to the endocannabinoid system of dogs. CBD influences the neurotransmitter activity in the brain in the best way, which can reduce aggressive behaviour in the dogs.

Research has found that CBD can increase serotonin level in the brain, a substance responsible for mood-boosting effects in the brain. CBD oil products for your dog will increase the serotonin and glutamate levels in the brain. This activity will produce calming effects ideal for a dog experiencing fear, stress and anxiety all the conditions that can lead to aggression in dogs.

Cannabidiol has also been found to temporary boost anandamide secretion in the brain. Anandamide is a cannabinoid produced in the brain to counter stress in animals. With other production of high levels of anandamide, your dog may experience feelings of happiness which can help with its aggressive behaviour. 

According to Dr Stephanie McGrath, who headed the investigation, the results were promising and exciting for the future of CBD as a treatment for dogs with epilepsy. He agrees the correlation between the intake of CBD and the reduction of seizures proven among the dogs can change a lot in treating dogs. Now considering epilepsy as one of the illnesses your dog can suffer from, which can lead to aggression, CBD can aid a lot.

Arthritic dogs too may be aggressive because of pain in one of the reasons why your furry friend is aggressive. Arthritis, a common problem for many dogs, leads to inflammation of the joints. This leads to cartilage change, or damage within the joint undergoes, where they become less smooth, causing the bone surfaces to rub together, leading to discomfort to your dog. This discomfort can make your dog aggressive. Luckily, CBD oil helps with the pain and will help with aggression in dogs.


Should I Be Worried That I’m Giving My Dog A Cannabis-Derived Product?

Until maybe recently, when there is a lot of news and information about CBD and more people are learning about it, many always feared cannabis product will always cause a high effect. This is the concern transferred to people who consider giving their dogs CBD to manage aggressive behaviour, given it is a marijuana-derived product? Please understand that cannabidiol, unlike many other cannabinoids obtained from marijuana like THC, is not psychoactive. Rest assured this product, even though it contains very trace amounts of THC, not more than 0.3% never causes a “high” in dogs and will never increase aggression in dogs.


What Should I Know Of Other Dog Owners Using CBD To Treat Canine Aggression?

While there may be little or no conclusive research done on the effects of CBD oil on dogs, there are a lot of pet owners who have been actively using Cannabidiol to manage aggression in their dogs. 

The results have been impressive. There are certain websites with testimonials from pet owners who treat aggression in dogs suffering from anxiety and fear.


Why Should I Choose CBD Over Other Medications For My Aggressive Dog?

From researches, CBD works as typical prescription medications. Still from clinical studies, this cannabinoid is quite effective in controlling fear, stress anxiety and other emotions that might cause canine aggression. Another reason to consider CBD is that CBD has been proven to be a safe drug which has very few side effects. With CBD, you probably won’t have to worry about any side effects that might cause your dog to act up.


What Should I Know About CBD Dosage For Dog Aggression?

Currently, there are no set guidelines to follow for giving cannabidiol to your dog, but you might get reliable information on how to administer the drug from experts. You’ll find that most specialists advise you to get help from trusted CBD specialists. You can also have a talk with the veterinarian. 

It is important to know that CBD dosage for dogs varies from one animal to the other depending on breed, size, weight and condition leading to aggression. Most Specialists recommend a low dosage, and thereafter one can increase the dose until a suitable dose is attained. You can always visit veterinarian and specialists websites to look up dosing guides for CBD oil products to treat dog aggression.

Specialists can help a lot with CBD doses for the dogs. One practising neurologist, McGrath was able to adjust CBD dose for dogs in a scientific experiment with 60 epileptic dogs she was doing in January 2018. You might find experts recommending a 300mg CBD oil tincture as it is the ideal concentration and size for most dogs.

For dogs over 60 pounds, according to some specialists, a 600mg CBD oil tincture is the better dose to been

Talking to a specialist or your veterinarian also helps you to know the right CBD products for your dog depending on the cause for its aggression. This will ensure you get a safe and effective product. It is said that a veterinary-approved CBD product guarantees safety and efficacy.


What Are The Overall Thoughts On Whether CBD Oil Will Help An Aggressive Dog?

So far, CBD oil on dogs has been found to bring a lot of advantages, including helping a lot with aggressive dogs. So if your dog is demonstrating canine aggression, then maybe you should try CBD oil products. There are good recommendations for CBD products and dosage for aggressive dogs from many specialists in the UK. Look for reliable CBD sellers, and they will help you help your aggressive furry friend.

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