Will CBD Oil Hurt Your Liver?

Undoubtedly, cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is rapidly becoming a popular product around the globe. In the past few years, CBD has been a hot topic, whose stories have been trending. This non-psychoactive cannabinoid obtained from the marijuana plant has been making headlines as a fantastic alternative to a number of health conditions. 

The substance has, many times, been advertised as a safer option than other medications. Topics on how CBD is a game-changer for certain health issues are keep coming up now and then. There are publications of researches about how CBD can help with certain health issues.

Just like its benefits, issues about CBD too has been equally popular, and they are also being published. One of the biggest concerns about CBD is that it can cause damage to the liver. The topic has been highly debated with lots of criticism of where the story originated from. In fact, the matter got very intense where other publishers wrote to debunk articles of other bloggers.


What Research Led To Reports That CBD Can Hurt Your Liver?

In 2019, a study by researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences found that high doses of CBD cause damage to the liver in mice. The investigation on CBD hepatotoxicity in mice leads to something one might consider some sort of media panic, with so many people interested in CBD getting so concerned.

According to the research, 75% of the mice given high CBD doses showed liver damage signs in 24 hours. Heightened liver enzymes indicated liver damage by CBD and the mice died, and the remaining were at the verge of dying too in days.

Still, on the findings of the same research, the experts found that the mice even though tolerated the CBD dose of about the 200mg meant for humans, clear signs of liver toxicity manifested themselves. Researchers repeated the experiment with a smaller dose that which is equivalent to 50mg that human can take and there was also liver swelling and damage to the mice. While a 200mg dose of CBD is inapplicable, some experts agree this provides critical information potential consequences in events of CBD overdose.


Should I Get Worried That CBD Intake Will Lead To Liver Damage?

Reviews of the study that found that CBD in high doses can cause damage turned out to be aggressive critics. Most consider topics that tell people that CBD can cause liver damage senseless talk. Experts, on the other hand, tell you that you shouldn’t worry about liver damage with CBD ingestion.


Why Should I Not Worry About CBD Potential To Cause Liver Damage?

There are reviews disputing the ability of CBD to cause liver damage from concerned people and experts as well. Some experts had an estimation of the dose given to the mice in the research addressed above. It was found that the CBD the mice was given is like a 1,300mg daily dose to a 68kg human. Considering the normal dose of CBD that people take is between 10 to 80 mg in a day, the dose given to the mice was enormous and absurd. You should never worry about getting your liver damage from taking CBD because there’s no way you could ever take a dose of the product as large as 1,300mg in a day.

Experts also say that mice and humans are physiologically different despite them sharing virtually similar genes so you can take CBD without experiencing what the mice had.

It is worth noting that there was a big problem with the study done at the University of Arkansas. Every response and review of this study find the doses astronomically high, and that is why the whole investigation can be highly criticised. These reviews even go to the point of saying that even a person with little scientific knowledge can find the research ridiculous.

Interestingly there was a study, still, on mice, that found that lower levels of CBD provide protection against alcohol-related liver damage in mice. Findings by researchers showed that CBD has the potential to treat damage related to steatosis (fatty liver), inflammation, and oxidative stress.


What Are The Final Thoughts On The Claims That CBD Can Damage Your Liver?

It is no doubt that if CBD could cause liver damage, this would be the most serious side effect of the cannabinoid. Fortunately, it is obvious CBD will not hurt your liver unless you are planning to take it in a ridiculously large amount. 

So, go ahead and purchase your product from reliable CBD sellers and get the cannabinoid benefits it comes with. For scientific purposes, it is worth noting that CBD in large amounts can cause harm to a person’s liver.

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