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At SOLO we supply only the finest CBD based products.
We take time to ensure all our CBD products are manufactured to the highest standards and contain
only the ingredients and percentage's stated on the product labels, so you can be 100% sure you are getting exactly what you have ordered.

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As advocates of CBD and its benefits, we feel its only right to educate the world and lift the negative shadow thats been cast on this amazing substance.

Case studies

What our customers are saying

My movement is so much better!

As a reverend in Bolton, my time was spent for many years doing physical work believe it or not and after years of back problems and bad knees, the only thing that helped ease the pain was vitamin D but getting Sunshine was an expensive relief until I discovered CBD oil which really helped me reduce pain and give me much better movement with my joints. Now I have CBD to thank for the natural strength its given me back.

It helped me with my stress!

Working long hours and looking after three kids has been so tough mentally and physically, my bones and muscles hurt and my hearing is going but discovering CBD has actually changed my life, I feel like I have so much more energy and more time to do the things I was constantly exhausted with. Now I dont feel guilty about spending quality time with my kids and wife who are my life.

Outstanding service…

SOLO CBD have been exceptional with the way they provide advice and the way they dealt with me as an individual, nothing was to much trouble and they made me feel like number one.

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